Military Retirees Participate in the Economy and BRAC Needs to Take a Sabbatical

March 6, 2016

San Antonio seems to be a admired retirement boondocks for above military. It would be a abashment for BRAC to cut aggressive bases in that city. In San Antonio TX, there are 77,723 retired Air Force claimed who accept served this country; 65,673 Army; 23,765 Navy and 7,667 Above Marines. Closing any aggressive abject in that city-limits would be a accomplished how do you do, to the humans who gave abundant of their lives to the account of America. That is including 1,300 additional Coast Guard retirees over 118,951 veterans and 14% of the voters in the city. Yes they can yield affliction of themselves and yes they will vote for this country, but shouldn’t we be voting for them as well?

Many businesses acknowledge this audience who commonly absorb money in their businesses in SA. Other cities in America are similar, Tampa-St. Petersburg FL, Seattle-Tacoma WA, Bexar County TX, Phoenix-Mesa Area, Houston TX area, and San Diego CA. This in from the San Antonio Business Journal and the San Antonio Express News May 27, 2002. I apprehend in the Arizona Daily that PHX breadth was account 5.7 Billion to the accompaniment and application of 88,000 people. The top seven clandestine breadth administration apply 67,000 humans and dwindling. These are big issues to accept PHX abide to grow. Luke AFB abandoned has 42,000 workers and bulk is 1.6 billion and sends out 2.6 Billion in retirement monies. We may not be a war-based economy, but we absolutely accept to abide what we are accomplishing through this recession with no BRAC Closures this year. And what is the aberration if you book money to apply humans to forward body rockets to shoot into the sun or body anchorage or basement or advance civic aegis or pay for analysis and development, in the end it is all the aforementioned economically speaking there needs to “X” bulk of dollars abounding for every being in this abundant nation, even if they just snuck over the broader yesterday. Until the money breeze is sped up we will not see bread-and-butter accretion and if we cut down the aggressive now we will be apologetic later, so will all the cities in America with bases and aggressive infrastructures.

Businesses and administration who plan in these markets break active active due to these money flows. And their families accept a bigger superior of activity in America because of these aggressive bases to assure them, as able-bodied as advancing business breadth money is abounding correctly, this money again circulates and permeates throughout the breadth and baby business communities. I am not a Keynesian “Trickle-Down’ist” by any means, but I apperceive what I see and I apperceive we do not charge any brainless jolts in any of these bazaar now. You anticipate Kmart is struggling? Just delay to see what happens if you yield out a aggressive base, it will could cause a bounded recession? That is if the little guy closes shop. And it is years afore they can appear out of bankruptcy. Kmart loses 1 billion in 5 weeks, is absolutely alarming headlines, but so is 5,000 baby businesses abutting boutique in allotment of TX, 4,000 in Western Phoenix AZ, this is serious.

I accept apparent the anticipation in Jacksonville and areas of Northwest FL if the aggressive closes bases there and 10,000 is the low end appraisal of baby business failures in FL if it happens. Not absolutely the account I wish to see.